The facility concerned was built as a detached building on a parcel totaling 3000 m2, gross layout plan of 921,00 m2, overall height being two storey’s, ground floor, and first storey.
Total layout gross area of the object is 921,00 m2 and plot development level amounts to 31 percent. Access of customers to the building and service entrance will be made through shared street entrance from Gospodarska Street using existing industrial-service road.
All the approaching traffic roads, as well as internal roads, are fully equipped and operate with complete infrastructure.

Building has been conceptualized as business-commercial space with supporting contents, such as sanitary facilities for employees, warehouses, power house, and it’s intended to be used as wholesale and retail area.

Showroom with supporting administrative-managerial and warehouse areas, registered in cadastral plot no. 9281/18, totaling 3000 m2, located on Mrzli Zdenci meadow in Varaždin, owned by Vodotehnika d.d., Zagreb.
Alongside cadastral plot no. 9281/18, Mrzli Zdenci meadow in Varaždin, lies cadastral plot 9281/7, totalling 2000 m2, also owned by Vodotehnika d.d., Zagreb.
Total area of the aforesaid plots, no. 9281/18 and no. 9281/7, amounts 5000 m2.

The plot concerned, with the built facility, is situated at the city of Varaždin entrance, in the area developing into the new shopping precinct. There is number of commercial chains already neighboring Vodotehnika d.d. showroom, such as Baumax, Plodine, Termocommerce, Getro, Fachmarkt, and others.