The family house in reference falls within the boarder city centre perimmeter, and is located in cadastral municipality Remete that spans over Medvednica foothils.
The house-hosting plot is located in the greenery zone highly appreciated for its landscape values and accommodating mostly familial residential structures.
IX. Bukovački Ogranak represents a serene street linked with Bukovac Street that leads down directly to the city. The plot is located on a mild slope that, aside from verdure and peaceful surroundings, offers an outstanding view as well.

The house was constructed in form of a self-supporting structure positioned in the accommodating plot centre. The accessing path is shared with the family house-hosting plot situated beneath; nevertheless, the tho houses are dislocated, i.e. separated from each other so as to provide for as high-quality sightlines as possible.
The house hosts one apartment on its premises, apportioned into the ground and the first floor.

The family house in reference was designed by the architectonic bureau termed "The Two Architects" ("Dva Arhitekta") that employs renowned experts when it comes to exclusive house and interior designing.
The rationale observed with the house designing was to orient the premises in reference both towards the high-quality exterior and the structure interior in a similar manner. Therefore, the minimalist fashion designed fundamental cube has been "hollowed" by a number of atria which manage not only to "set the house interior into a brisk motion", but alto to provide for seclude, intimate oases od piece and quiet.

The house design made use of high-quality materials and architectonic elements becoming of Zagreb sky, stemming not only from the traditional Zagreb school od architecture, but also from the modern one, all of that in line with the determinants of the contemporary architectonic policies of the high-quality family structure-based urban development of that city district.

The main access (roadway & pedestrian) path to both the plot and the house is situated to the east.
The parking issue is resolved in full within the plot perimeter; the existing garages provide for two parking lots each, while the landing in front od them can accommodate three additional vechicles if necessary.